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For 20 Years, This Man Has Survived Entirely by Hacking Online Games - Motherboard
He said he's found more than 100 publicly unknown vulnerabilities in more than 20 online video games, making hacking and trading virtual goods into his full time job . Unlike most video game hackers, Manfred didn't cheat to gain an advantage over his&nbsp.

Heisman campaign of Penn State's Saquon Barkley hangs in the balance; Mike Gesicki befriends John O'Korn's mom -
Fitzpatrick's colleague, Joe Juliano, writes about the friendship that has developed between Nittany Lions tight end Mike Gesicki and Paula O'Korn, a server at a State College breakfast spot he frequents known as the Naked Egg. She also.

'Accidental hero' halts ransomware attack and warns: this is not over - The Guardian
The attackers will realise how we stopped it, they'll change the code and then they'll start again. Enable windows update, update and then reboot.” He said he got his first job out of school without any real qualifications, having skipped university to.

When networks hit the wall - Network World
The widespread availability of video combined with streaming technology means our viewing expectations are now much more demanding on the infrastructure. We expect content to be there, wherever and whenever we want it. We want to watch it, pause it,&nbsp.

Windows Server 2016 release brings opportunity, challenges in a cloud world - TechTarget
Microsoft's aggressive moves in the cloud, open source projects and developer-friendly features of Windows Server 2016 may have many administrators in predominantly Windows-based IT environments wondering what they can do to remain relevant. The.

Microsoft CEO Nadella's 'Hit Refresh': Is a cultural revolution enough to refresh Microsoft? - ZDNet
With new Microsoft breakthroughs, general purpose quantum computing moves closer to reality - News Center Microsoft News Center.

Microsoft Monday: New Xbox Dashboard, Treehouse Offices, Kinect Adapters For Xbox One X Are Not Free - Forbes
Xbox Exec Doesn't Like Platform Exclusive DLC, Also Recognizes The Irony In Saying That GameSpot.

Exclusive: Microsoft devices guru Panos Panay on making devices that sing
He’s passionate about Windows, too, the software that powers his creations ... Sitting behind him — you can see their headless torsos in the video above — are a handful of other key players. There’s Stevie Bathiche, the floppy-haired distinguished.

SQL Server database developer interview questions and answers
The first installment of this TechRepublic series focused on C# developer interview ... the SQL Server Agent Windows service do? SQL Server Agent is a Windows service that handles scheduled tasks within the SQL Server environment (aka jobs.

Top 20 System Administrator Interview Questions and Answers (MS) - Ervin Demirovic
Top 20 System Administrator Interview Questions and Answers (MS). December 7, 2016 ... Keep in mind, you can also prepare for interview questions and answers by watching a video based of these questions below. 1.Can you tell me ... Windows Server.

How Airtime's Live Streaming Social Media App Could Revolutionize Online Dating - VC Daily
The latest offering from Napster and Facebook hero Sean Parker, it's designed as an online living room where friends can gather to share photos, video , and audio in real-time. The app was initially launched in 2012 ... as if it were just another chat.

Trouble connecting to You're not alone. - Windows Central
Outlook (Hotmail) down? Current problems and outages | Down Detector Down Detector.

Windows PowerShell programming empowers IT ops toolmakers - TechTarget
I've been in IT operations for nearly two decades, a job where I could answer help desk calls, fix computers, rack servers , spin up VMs and crawl through ceilings pulling CAT5 behind me. To succeed in IT ops takes a figurative utility belt of tools for&nbsp.

Microsoft's Partnership With Qualcomm On Windows Server For ARM Should Send Chills Down Intel's Spine - Hot Hardware
Microsoft says that it has already built a version of Windows Server that offers native support for ARM chips, and it is using this branch of the operating system for its own internal purposes. Neither Qualcomm nor Microsoft have committed to a firm.

One week to go til Windows Server 2003 end of life - watch PCR's video interview
With less than one week to go until Windows Server 2003 reaches end of support, make sure you check out our video interview with Microsoft’s hybrid cloud business lead Patrik Bihammar. PCR editor Dominic Sacco talks to Bihammar about the migration.