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UR complaint highlights inevitable power play in graduate education - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
for future employment . "In light of recent events, both students and colleagues are telling many of us that they have come to expect sexual harassment to be a 'normal' and unavoidable part of academic life," read an open letter to the Linguistic.

We want to work with UR, but our case can't be compromised - Campus Times
Meliora Weekend is an important landmark in our collective life as a university, when students, faculty, parents, and alumni come together to celebrate and to take stock. All of us who filed the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint are.

Newark Says, Hey Amazon, Look Over Here - New York Times
“They're not saying, we'll invest billions in New Jersey Transit so workers can get to work on time , or in affordable housing so workers can have a decent place to live.” Handicappers have put New York in the top 10 among the competitors for an HQ2.

Taxi drivers protest Uber in Rochester
Ride sharing was front and center at a rally Friday in Rochester ... the people of New York is a livable wage." Melkie Demissie is a driver for Park Avenue Taxi. He says, "They're going to take away our full-time job and turn it into a part-time job.

Where are the women? - Rochester City Newspaper
Since 1971, women in state legislatures have quintupled, and the number of female executives, including mayors like Rochester's Lovely Warren, has also grown, according to American politics research group Catalyst. The City of ... But a woman has never.

From WNY to 'SNL': Lindsay Shookus talks about her roots and her career ... but not her boyfriend - Buffalo News
Shookus, a name of Lithuanian descent that is pronounced like "she shook us really hard," advanced into her producing position through the hard work learned in Western New York , a lively, comforting personality and some luck as laughable as some of the.

Interview With Incoming Men's Volleyball Freshmen - NYU Washington Square News
Square News: What are your names, positions , majors and where are you from? Jordan Solomon: My name is Jordan Solomon, I'm a setter, and I'm a finance major in Stern from Rochester , New York . ... JS: It's always been my dream to play a sport in.

Detroit gives Amazon HQ2 a shot at more than another headquarters - Detroit Free Press
Quite a concept — and one that certainly has enticed millennials to take jobs in droves in downtown Detroit after Quicken Loans Founder Dan Gilbert did his part to re-open the city for business. ... And make a boatload of money at the same time , of.

The University of Rochester Sexual Harassment Case Is Complicated—And That's the Point - WIRED
Jessica Cantlon, an associate professor in the department and one of the EEOC complainants, testified for the complaint about a faculty dinner party when Jaeger asked another professor, “So, what part of Georgia really does it for you?” Another ... The.

Play or Pay: Rising Penalties' Role in Complying with the ACA
The ACA is still alive and kicking, noted Steven Friedman, an attorney with Littler in New York ... Rochester—Association Office in Rochester, N.Y. "Defining 'full-time' as an employee working 30 hours a week is inconsistent with standard employment.