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The only job a robot couldn't do - The Outline
Uber and other online platforms are making the case for a future in which work happens in little on-demand bursts — you need a ride, and someone appears to give you that ride. Instead of a salary and benefits like health insurance, the worker gets.

Robot recruiters, Snapchat applications, online games: This is how we'll get our future jobs - ABC Online
Want a job in the future? Prepare yourself for Snapchat applications, computer game-style cognitive assessments, and video applications before you even get the chance to talk to a human. Employers are increasingly using technology to find more.

How a 33-year-old turned $200 into $1 million in 92 days selling Kevlar pants online - CNBC
Thirteen years ago as a broke college student, Trevor Chapman took a job selling pest control door-to-door to make extra money. Eventually, he launched his own sales operation — a solar panel installation company that quickly expanded across three.

Three Traits Recruiters Find Most Desirable In Face-to-Face Job Interviews - Forbes
The recruiting software company, Jobvite, together with Zogby Analytics, has just released its 2017 Recruiter Nation Report. The online survey of 831 recruiters in the U.S. is intended to identify the traits and qualities that recruiters evaluate to.

Woz U? Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Launches Online School to Teach Software Development
He may be best known for co-founding Apple with Steve Jobs ... software developers. The startup venture is part of Southern Careers Institute (SCI), a private for-profit school based in Austin, Texas. The business offers 15 online and in-person programs.

Online job sites may block older workers - CNBC
Older Americans struggling to overcome age discrimination while looking for work face a new enemy: their computers. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan recently opened a probe into allegations that ageism is built right into the online software.

AGDATA Australia: from family farm to global partners - Newsroom America
Editor's note: As part of our series of interviews with entrepreneurs across Asia Pacific who use the internet to grow, we chatted with Glenn Skerman, who, together with his brother Brendan, are directors of AGDATA Australia, a farming accounting.

The Interview Process Got Longer in 2017
Job candidates ... and additional interview rounds. "Companies have to be really careful when designing their recruiting programs," said Corey Berkey, SHRM-SCP, director of human resources at JazzHR, a recruitment software platform based in Pittsburgh.

The Future of Jobs and Jobs Training - Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project
As robots, automation and artificial intelligence perform more tasks and there is massive disruption of jobs , experts say a wider array of education and skills-building programs will be created to meet new demands. There are two uncertainties: Will.

In Unilever's radical hiring experiment, resumes are out, algorithms are in - Fox Business
When Saniya Jaffer arrived for a job interview at Unilever PLC's Englewood Cliffs, N.J., office last October, she was a finalist for a summer position in information technology. After three rounds of interviews and assessments, the Chicago-native was.

The World Once Laughed at North Korean Cyberpower. No More. - New York Times
And just as Western analysts once scoffed at the potential of the North's nuclear program , so did experts dismiss its cyberpotential — only to now acknowledge that hacking is an almost perfect weapon for a Pyongyang that is isolated and has little to.

New Zealand Will Give You a Free Trip If You Agree to a Job Interview - Travel+Leisure
The tech industry in Wellington, New Zealand, is actively looking to recruit tech experts from around the world—and they're offering a free trip to the country for anyone who can prove their merit. The city is looking to bring in 100 new software.

Five things you need to know about executive protection - CSO Online
That means determining whether each of the devices has password protection, updated operating systems, updated antivirus software , and so on. “It's important to keep in mind what devices are 'shared,' meaning if a child is sharing the same device as.

Too Old to Learn Code? That Does Not Compute
“One of the big obstacles in a job interview when ... (The most popular program? According to Course Report, a website that monitors this industry, it’s a Java- Script-focused “full stack,” which teaches all stages of software development.