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New Chairman for NLDB - The Sunday Times Sri Lanka
He began his career as a Management Trainee at Bank of Ceylon, before going onto become a Senior Manager at Seylan Bank and subsequently as a Chief Manager of the Seylan Bank Skylab. He has also held senior positions as Chaiman of the Lanka &nbsp.

DECISIONS TAKEN BY THE CABINET OF MINISTERS AT ITS MEETING HELD ON 30-08-2016 - The Official Government News Portal of Sri Lanka
Patali Champika Ranawaka, Minister of Megapolis and Western Development, to lease out the above mentioned land owned by the Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation for 30 years to a private company for implementing a project for.

Prime Minister reveals Sri Lanka's economic vulnerabilities
He also said over 60% of Sri Lanka's workforce is engaged either in informal or illegal economic activities. He added that 40% of the employed population is engaged in vulnerable categories of jobs. I take this opportunity to clarify the current status of.

Drought Kills Crops but won't Impact Milk Output - Daily Mirror
This news implies that Sri Lanka should capitalize in the Livestock sector sub-sector. Why? The effects of climate ... Here I am referring to an integrated farming system, which consists of around 95% of the ruminant (cattle, buffalo and goat.

Thousands of students protest in Sri Lanka demanding jobs
The protest, led by the Combined Association of Unemployment Graduates, called on the government of President Maithripala Sirisena to provide jobs to graduates, Xinhua reported. The protestors attempted to march towards Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Sri Lanka & US launch YouLead! Youth employment program
aligns global best-practice tools and training with in-demand jobs.” USAID and a coalition of partners from the Government of Sri Lanka, the private sector, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions will collaborate over the next four-years to.

Sri Lanka short of cowboys - EconomyNext
In addition to cattle, NLDB also farms chicken, goats and pigs. Perceptions and ... Sri Lanka's unemployment has fallen during the last decade partly due to stronger domestic activity especially in services generating shortages in low paid jobs across.

Sri Lanka Promises 120,00 New Jobs In Fishing Sector By 2019
Sri Lanka’s Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Mahinda Amaraweera assured that about 120,000 jobs will be offered in the fisheries sector by 2019. Of these new jobs, around 40,000 will be created in the two Aquaculture Industrial.

Decisions taken by the Cabinet of Ministers at the meeting held on 05-11-2015 - The Official Government News Portal of Sri Lanka
Regulating, controlling and management of fishing and related activities by foreign fisheries boats in the Sri Lankan waters is done according to the provisions made by Fisheries (Regulating of Foreign Fishing Boats) Act No 59 of 1979. However.

Australia helps Sri Lanka increase milk production - Lanka Business Online
Jun 09, 2015 (LBO) – Australia's Wellard Rural Exports, a live cattle exporter is in partnership with the National Live Stock Development Board ( NLDB ) of Sri Lanka to supply dairy cows and build new infrastructure to increase milk production, a.

A vibrant private sector – Key to Sri Lanka’s growth
However, Sri Lanka needs to create an environment that fosters private-sector growth and create more and better jobs. To that end, the country should address these six pressing challenges: For a long time, the public-sector has been pouring funds into.

IFC invests in Sri Lanka's Cargills Foods to help generate jobs
NEW DELHI: IFC, the investment arm of World Bank, will invest $ 20 million in Sri Lanka's Cargills Foods Company to help the company expand operations and create more jobs for farmers. It is the retail subsidiary of Cargills (Ceylon) PLC. "The investment. Ties-up With Cargills Bank, Sri Lanka’s largest marketplace announced a tie-up recently ... Posting an ad on a few categories on such as cars and vehicles, house and property and Jobs require listing fees. Customers who need to process listing fees, and also.

Sri Lanka Telecom : SLT Training Centre holds Award Ceremony for 9th batch of BTEC HND Diploma holders.
Pearson BTEC HND Diploma is a globally recognized prestigious qualification, which will give students a key competency and advantage when applying for jobs or further studies, both in Sri Lanka as well as abroad. With this qualification in hand.