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2013 Honda CR-V Verdict
As I tossed the CR-V keys back to our fleet manager for the last time, I had a small twinge of sadness, knowing the Honda and I were parting ways for ... or when your parents relocate for new jobs, taking you out of the school where you’ve just started.

Honda To Cut Swindon Jobs
Over the last two years global manufacturers including Nissan, JLR and BMW have invested 6 billion in the UK safeguarding and creating new jobs ... 800 associates by spring 2013." – Ken Keir, executive vice president of Honda Motor Europe.

US Manufacturing Jobs Will Grow As Japan's Carmakers Move Capacity To North America
Amid constant political caterwauling about the demise of American manufacturing, Japanese automakers like Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE: TM), Honda Motor Co. (NYSE: HMC) and Nissan Motor Co. (Tokyo: 7201) are gradually bringing manufacturing jobs to the U.

Production nerve centers retake stage in Japan
With the consolidation, Honda ... 2013. "If a company establishes its mother factory in our prefecture, we can expect the company to keep such a key facility for a long time," a Mie official said. Setting up mother factories in Japan helps create long-term.

A third of UK jobs to be replaced by robots and computers in next 20 years
Honda's Asimo robot could one day help care for an aging ... The study builds on work done by Frey and Osborne into automation in the US jobs market in 2013. The pair concluded that in the US around 47 per cent of total employment was at risk.

Hundreds of jobs at risk as Coventry car parts supplier goes into administration
In January, 740 jobs were saved when CovPress Ltd was ... acquisition by Chinese company Shandong Yongtai Group in 2013 in a £30million deal. Part of its growth saw it acquire the nearby Honda supplier UYT, renamed Covpress Assembly, in a move that.

Honda announces plans to cut 800 jobs in Europe
LONDON — Japanese automaker Honda says it will cut about one in four jobs at its UK factory as it struggles with low demand in Europe. Honda Motor Europe says poor sales across Europe due to the region's economic crisis are behind the loss of 800.

The 'unfortunate bystanders' in homelessness are Iowa's children
Tommie Johnson Occasionally, Tommie, his wife, Iesha Tyler, and the couple’s five children — ages 8 to 17 — sleep in the family’s tan Honda Odyssey ... picking up odd jobs and seasonal employment. A learning disability that makes “certain.

How I Kept My Living Costs Under $14,000 A Year In Los Angeles
In 2013, I moved to Los Angeles to finish my last two years of college. With just two part-time jobs and a modest writing side gig ... My current one, a 16-year-old Honda, is good enough. Whenever I think about upgrading, I remember my years without.

Honda to close Japan plant amid refocus on EVs
Yorii, which opened in 2013 ... s why Honda is undertaking new technologies such as electrification and intelligence technologies.” Closing an assembly plant is a rare occurrence in Japan, where the government pressures companies to preserve jobs.