Lolland Forsyning Job Interview


Classic Vehicles Parked at Summer Auctions
RM will offer more than 175 cars from the Aalholm Automobile Museum in Nysted, Denmark, on the coast of Lolland, alongside a 13th-century ... said in a recent phone interview. He cautioned, “Nothing’s in showable condition.” The RM catalog points.

Meteorite found due to skycam
It’s been observing the sky since 2006, and it paid off handsomely: a bright meteor observed by the skycam has led to the resulting meteorite being found. Cooool. By triangulating the meteor, astronomers were able to track the rock all the way to the.

Siemens Looks Toward Next-Generation 10–20 MW Wind Turbines
In an interview with Recharge, Siemens offshore wind chief executive Michael Hannibal explained how plans for the factory fit into a much broader, longer-term vision that his company holds for positioning itself as a key developer of next-generation wind.

Stone Age axe discovered complete with its WOODEN handle: 5,500-year-old tool may have been left as a ritual offering
The flint axe’s wooden handle was preserved because the tool was shoved into the clay seabed, where oxygen could not reach it, according to archaeologists at the Museum Lolland-Falster. The team uncovered the tool in Rodbyhavn on the Danish island of.

Now that Denmark has again become a warring nation, it should come as no surprise to anyone that war is brutal and dirty. You’re trapped – even when your allies are the ones who contravene conventions. Somewhat more surprising is the fact that the.