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Preventing Interview Burnout - Inside Higher Ed
As a job seeker, one of the most exciting moments you can experience is being invited in for an interview . An interview invitation feels like the culmination of hours of preparation and years of experience, and being asked to meet for a potential job.

11 things you'll only understand if you study law at the University of Bristol - Legal Cheek (blog)
5. You feel suspicious that your lecturers ' names keep appearing on your reading lists ... It was luck that Fiona McGowan, a sub-editor of the Stirlingshire Gazette happened to be in London, following up on a story she had written the year before, and.

To ace your job talk, you need to know your audience - Science Magazine
You've received your interview agenda. Lo and behold, first thing that day—after a brief meeting with human resources—you're ... A cell biologist delivering a talk at an academic meeting would likely be presenting only to other cell biologists. That.

This Guy Gets Paid to Study Gay Porn - VICE en_us
The most recent research by Joseph Brennan, a media and communications lecturer at the University of Sydney, takes a methodical look at how gay porn studios advertise their performers' dicks. Published ... As one comment on a porn review blog reads.

16 of the Trickiest Job Interview Questions—and How to Nail Them
This is one of the most common job interview questions, and also one of the most challenging ... Now I train others in PowerPoint presentations." Any time you can demonstrate how you overcame a weakness, all the better. Another good "weakness" example.

‘Kidnappers think they have gotten a job by kidnapping’
Omojola, a Lecturer at All Saints Major Seminary, who gave the advice in an interview, said once this was done, incidences of kidnapping would reduce. He was speaking on the side-lines of the presentation ... they have gotten a job by kidnapping people.

Postdocs: Big lab, small lab? - Nature.com
That first postdoc, Tomohito Higashi, accepted a faculty job at the Fukushima Medical University in Japan this year. He says that ... “It's like a faculty interview ,” Mitchell says. “The potential ... You can get feedback on presentations and organize.

This is a (Presentation) Recording - Inside Higher Ed (blog)
For example, you might record a conference presentation or a lesson from a course you're teaching (Anne Guarnera writes about this here). When I was talking to a colleague about this post he/she mentioned that his/her interview for a faculty position.

Arkansas educator of the year says her second-grade teacher 'rescued me'
Once upon a time there was a teacher ... interview after the assembly that the statewide honor is unexpected and overwhelming but also heartwarming and exciting. "It's very empowering," she said. "Teaching can sometimes be a little bit of a thankless job.

How Old, Crappy Phones Inspired The iPhone, And Other Key Takeaways From A New Jony Ive Interview
One could say the iPhone's design was a joint handiwork by Ive and then-CEO Steve Jobs, both of whom cared about presentation as much as specs and performance. In a new interview with Ive ... he "had the most wonderful teacher in Steve" and that he has.

How to Cope Without a Full-Time Job Offer - Inside Higher Ed
I'm not trying to put rose-colored glasses on unemployment, but I am going to suggest that those of us with the cultural privilege of a doctoral degree can find innumerable ways to cope and even thrive without a secure academic job offer. Here's how I.

Administration 101: Mind Your Manner - The Chronicle of Higher Education
The Admin 101 series is exploring the hiring process for academic leaders — starting from the initial decision to move into administration and ultimately through to the final hire and the job itself. (Browse the full series here). ... I am always.