Job Opportunities In Limbe Cameroon Zoo


Gorillas Prepare to Fly to Cameroon
Limbe staff spent the past few weeks at the Pretoria zoo to get used to the animals and two Pretoria zoo staff will accompany the gorillas to Cameroon to make sure they settle in, said Pretorius. The six-year-old gorillas _ which were all tested and.

No, I WON'T smile for you! The cute baby gorilla who thinks she’s a cheeky monkey
Being cute is all very well, but perhaps Atinbi the baby gorilla has had enough adulation for one day, sticking her tongue out at admirers at the Limbe Wildlife Centre in Cameroon ... an expedition sanctioned by the Zoo of Prague to take much needed.

Meet the Caretakers
He started at the zoo in August 1992, and since that time he’s witnessed ... in September 2013 as Director of the Takamanda-Mone Landscape Project, based in Limbe, Cameroon. He is a member of the IUCN Primate Specialist Group. Gerald Kuchling has.

Cameroon: South West - Limbe Botanic Garden to Host Repatriated Gorillas
Limbe (Fako ... themselves as custodians of Cameroon's gorillas and claimed they had no ownership over the animals." In 2002, 4 gorillas were smuggled from South Western Cameroon, through Nigeria to Taiping Zoo in Malaysia and later transferred.

The government would arrest employment and stay salary increments for civil ... With respect to the insurance sector, the Cameroon government ratified the CIMA code in 1995. This code standardizes insurance claims, and encourages out-of-court settlements.

Cameroon vs. South Africa in the Battle of the Gorillas
And despite Cameroon's claim on the gorillas, the zoo has no intention of giving them up ... Cameroon and most wildlife groups want the gorillas sent to the Limbe Wildlife Center in Cameroon, which rehabilitates stolen gorillas with the hope of returning.

Inside Dangote’s multi-billion dollar cement empire
The project is being set up in the country’s South-western province of Limbe. However, the combined capacities of the existing manufacturers can hardly meet local requirements in terms of quantity, quality and pricing. Cameroon, The Nation learnt.

Herakles Farms Palm Oil Project Rears Its Ugly Head — Again
A coalition of environmental and human rights organizations is calling on Cameroon to stop the repression of local ... recently come to light and includes an arbitration clause in its employment contracts which designates the “New York Arbitration.

Taking hunters to the zoo
This month, Bethan Morgan of the San Diego Zoo's centre for Conservation and Research for Endangered Species (CRES) took 14 Cameroonian hunters on a visit to the Limbe Wildlife Centre, on the southwestern coast of Cameroon, to teach them about conservation.

Gorillas in the midst
These juvenile western lowland gorillas were poached three years ago, probably in Cameroon ... guarantee crowds for any zoo. Mr Labuschagne says publicity-seeking activists are pursuing a “personal agenda” against him. Limbe is merely an ape.