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These 5 Interview Questions Reveal The Most About Job Candidates
Everyone wants to look like the best version of themselves at a job interview ... the questions you ask the interviewer really does say a lot more about you than the questions you answered. Ayah Bdeir, founder and CEO of technology kit company Littlebits.

15 Job Interview Questions You Should Always Ask to Make a Good Impression
Here are 15 questions you need to ask at a job interview if you want to make a good impression ... you’ll do what it takes to continue to grow and add value. Honigman Media CEO Brian Honigman said this question says a lot about a candidate.

A tech CEO has a job interview question he'd use to hire someone on the spot — and it's about your parents, not your work
In a column at The New York Times, Adam Bryant reflected on some of the most interesting job-interview questions he's heard over the years. A tech CEO said that if he could only ask one question during a job interview, it would be, "What are the qualities.

The 1 Interview Question That Will Reveal Everything You Need to Know About a Job Candidate
If you were allowed to ask a job candidate only one ... of asking them what their one-and-only interview question would be. His favorite response came from Bob Brennan who, at the time of their interview, was CEO of records storage company Iron Mountain.

7 questions you should ask a startup CEO during a job interview
This article is part of DBA, a series on Mashable about running a business that features insights from leaders in entrepreneurship, venture capital and management. When you are interviewing for a job at a startup, the final round will often involve a one.

Why this CEO hires people who want to steal her job
When Universal Music Group CEO Jody ... who want my job." That's because she's looking for people who are motivated and ambitious. Above all else, she seeks drive and passion. "Are they going to be available when I have a question to ask on a Saturday.

Here's the YouTube CEO's favorite job-interview question to ask
If you want to work for YouTube, you better have some advice for improvements to its products ready to fire off in your interview. At a talk hosted by The New York Times on Tuesday, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki shared her favorite interview question.

How to Interview and Hire Top People
Here are several reasons why traditional techniques are inadequate: The majority of applicants "exaggerate" to get a job Most hiring decisions are made by intuition during the first few minutes of the interview ... Questions You Should and Shouldn't Ask.

This CEO has one interview question he'd use to hire someone on the spot
It's rare to find a question so predictive of someone's personality that it could make a CEO want to hire a job candidate on ... executives can cut through the uniformity of the typical job interview, Bryant said. After all, "candidates are so trained.