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Reeling 35 LGBTQ film fest in Chicago offers variety Sept. 21-28
Reeling, the second-oldest LGBTQ film festival in the world, celebrates its 35th anniversary with an ... has done a praiseworthy job of telling and illustrating the various stories that come together in the process. En Algun Lugar ( *** ) ( Sept.

Axios AM - Axios
C.), who has been persistently at odds with Trump, told Axios' Jonathan Swan in a phone interview : "I was pretty impressed by the way he described the threats of rogue regimes to everyone, not just us — that to some extent we're all in it together.

An Interview With Low-Key American Treasure Loudon Wainwright III, On the Occasion of His New Memoir - Men's Journal
His compulsive truth-telling extended to the children born of those relationships, including the performers Rufus, Martha and Lucy — arguably no one in the tradition has ever written with such unvarnished honestly about the fears, resentments and.

The Father Of Mobile Computing Is Not Impressed - Fast Company
I'd headed to Kay's home in part to ask the godfather of the mobile computer how the iPhone, and a world where 2 billion people own smartphones, compared to what he envisioned in the '60s and '70s. Kay believes ... In fact, mobile computers, he says.

How a Coding Bootcamp Led Me to My Dream Job
originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world. Answer by ... at Flatiron -- in their current jobs but a lot of us are using different languages, libraries.

Islamic group offers community, piece of home for foreign Muslims - The Korea Herald
On top of university and a part-time job , Hussaina volunteers as a media manager with the group. She was introduced to the organization by Safa Lamia Ahmed, a physics students at Ewha Womans University from Bangladesh. For Safa, the organization&nbsp.

Not every job is the perfect fit, and one female exec says that's okay
We live in a world of diversity, so we have to represent that. My line of thinking is pretty basic in that regard. If a business really wants to become a powerhouse, diversity needs to be at the core of business and the company’s culture. "You really don.

Found: A Sunken German World War I-Era Submarine - Mental Floss
During World War I, one of Germany's most formidable weapons was the U-boat, an advanced military submarine with torpedoes that sank countless Allied merchant and cargo ships. But while deadly, these ... He began specializing in replicating works by.

KEXP Exclusive Interview: DoNormaal
Growing up, music and pop culture were always a big part of my home ... That’s the same as being a musician in a way, but for some reason, it felt different to me. I always wanted to be on the world stage, but writer or poet seemed more understated.

Bill O’Reilly Tells Matt Lauer His Firing From Fox News Was A “Hit Job” In Heated Interview
WATCH: “This was a hit job. A political and financial hit job.” @billoreilly’s full interview with @MLauer ... “You were probably the last guy in the world that they wanted to fire,” said Lauer. “Because you were the guy that.

'Man who saved the world' dies - The Australian
By preventing a Soviet retaliation he averted a potentially catastrophic nuclear crisis, leading to him becoming known as the man who saved the world by doing nothing. "When I first saw the ... I knew my decision would have a lot of consequences.

From Church Choirs To Performance Poetry: How Jamila Woods Found Her Voice - NPR
In this interview , Woods came to 88Nine Radio Milwaukee as part of The Music Lab: a free, monthly arts program for Milwaukee-area high-school students to connect with and be inspired by music industry professionals from around the country. Each lab.

'The Handmaid's Tale': How 32-Year-Old Book Became Timely Drama & Toast Of the Emmys - Deadline
Before dominating the Emmys, the Bruce Miller-created show, based on the 1985 novel by Margaret Atwood, took over the pop culture conversation, quickly scoring a Saturday Night Live parody. Starting with a 32-year-old novel and having gone through&nbsp.

One ex-banker's built-in advantage in the Fed chair race: Family ties to Trump
Though the president has provided few clear signals on whom he will pick for the world’s most important economic job, that family tie is a durable ... former Fed Vice Chairman Don Kohn said in an interview. “He really was an important liaison between.

Kevin Liles & London On Da Track Talk #Freestyle50 Challenge & Current State of Hip-Hop - Billboard
“I was looking for someone who cared so much about the culture that they were willing to give up something and when our winner, Y.K Supe, found out he was in the finale, his job told him that he if goes, he might not have a job when he comes back.