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6 Times Being an Out-Of-State Job Applicant Helps (and Hurts) You
When clicking submit on an online job application ... during a first interview. Even if no requirement exists, you might be penalized for a lack of familiarity with a city or region. “The tech scene in Austin has a far different culture than the tech.

David Willetts interview: ‘We need a broader view of what constitutes a good university’
The university has to decide whether or not to admit you and then if you end up in a well-paid job ... different mission. So I’m trying to get people to have a broader view of what constitutes a good university. There are a range of ways of being world.

After Interviewing Hundreds of Job Candidates, I've Learned to Look for These 4 Things
We've taken a lot of time to define exactly what our company has set out to do in the world, and the five ... communicate this throughout the interview process? An interview is an opportunity to determine whether a job candidate is a good fit for an.

Pixar’s Lee Unkrich on the ‘anxiety’ of directing Coco
The film is fundamentally built around Mexican language, music, and culture, especially the Día de ... and why Pixar makes specialized prints of its movies for different audiences. I was just reading an interview with you from 2010 where you talk about.

4 critical questions you should ask in a job interview to make sure it's not a dead-end job
Your role during a job interview isn't just to respond to ... So ask about your prospective team's dynamic during the interview process. Find out how many members that team has, what their different responsibilities are, and the extent to which everyone.

The Story Behind One Of The Most Challenging Interviews I’ve Ever Done
I felt like I was being told how to do my job. “Why don’t you ... factors in linking everyone around the world together and that’s amazing.” – Chris The team culture was the biggest surprise of the interview for me. I thought they’d be a.

What it means to be a mixed-race model in Japan
It might be because I'm doing this job, but people ... but I guess the slightly different take on the traditional kimono makes it more charming," she said. "It's Japanese-ish -- but not exactly." Watch Rina Fukushi's interview in the video above.

Emmerson Mnangagwa: Will he be different from Mugabe?
jobs". Journalist Martin Fletcher, who interviewed him last year, says Mr Mnangagwa was keen to indicate that Zimbabwe would change under his leadership. Mr Fletcher told the BBC that "he wanted to signal to the West that he would be different from Mugabe.

The Roots Of Apple, Microsoft And Facebook In Hacker Culture
Two of the most famous of the next generation of experimenters were Steve Jobs ... The world was becoming more open and more access to information was really good. From everything I read, that’s the very core part of the hacker culture.

‘Curried Cultures’: Chronicling the Effects of Globalization on Indian Food
We wanted to correct that imbalance; to join palatal taste to the rich discussion in the humanistic social sciences on aesthetics," Ray and Srinivas told IANS in an email interview. "The West no longer dominates the world political-economically or in terms.