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Utah dating homework tells girls: be 'feminine' and 'don't waste his money' - The Guardian
The boys' worksheet further said, “At a restaurant, say what you're going to order so she will have a guide in ordering”, “Girls like flowers and little gifts”, “chew with your mouth closed”, “no gross noises” and “Don't comment or be concerned with.

Catoosa County developing career academy to prepare students for jobs - Chattanooga Times Free Press
Claire Fox, 13, follows instructions on a worksheet as she learns how to use Adobe Illustrator Friday, Sept. 1, 2017, at the Gordon County College and Career Academy in Calhoun, Ga. Students can take classes in graphic design, marketing, information&nbsp.

Mastering Job Interviews
There's no excuse to be unprepared for a job interview, because you already know the answers to at least half the questions. In the Toolkit you'll find a worksheet (Typical Questions Employers Ask) (See Typical Questions Employers Ask) with a list of.

Sentence worksheets: State guidelines help determine a convict's time in prison
“I see those comments a lot of the time, particularly relating to sex abuse cases,” Lancaster County President Judge Dennis Reinaker said in a recent interview ... Reinaker says, is a worksheet prepared by the district attorney’s office providing.

Find Your Passion Today With These 14 Questions -
In fact, your first thought might be, "I need more than 30 minutes to answer these." And that's OK, this means you're taking your career path seriously (as you should). That's exactly why we created this downloadable worksheet that you can always come.

Out of Syria's devastation, 'The White Helmets' offer moments of hope - PBS NewsHour
JEFFREY BROWN: For safety reasons, interviews and some of the filming were done in Turkey, near the border and away from the immediate danger. But the filmmakers found a way to get a close-up view. JOANNA NATASEGARA: Usually, in our work, we&nbsp.

Police interviews reveal UCC shooting survivors' harrowing experiences -
A note of caution. This story contains graphic descriptions from the survivors of the Oct. 1, 2015 Umpqua Community College shooting. We recommend that it not be read by children or by people who might be triggered by reading graphic material.

'Hidden Figures' and the journey to celebrate NASA's black female pioneers - PBS
Arkansas Agricultural, Mechanical & Normal, Hampton Institute just across town — all Negro schools. Nothing in the applications indicated anything less than fitness for the job . If anything, they came with more experience than the white women.

Never Mind the Students; Homework Divides Parents - New York Times
Rather than filling out worksheets , students were encouraged to read nightly, and a website offered tips for parents looking for engaging after-school activities. Instead, war broke out among the parents. Those who wanted to keep homework accused the&nbsp.

Ask These 5 Questions at Your Next Job Interview -
The three most common topics job candidates ask about during an interview , according to the 400 people surveyed, are professional expectations and responsibilities (21 percent), salary (15 percent), and corporate culture (12 percent). However.