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Occupy leader Benny Tai faces criticism from top lawyer, as pro-Beijing lawmaker seeks to remove him from HKU - Hong Kong Free Press
protests on Sunday in support of the jailed protesters. During an i-Cable TV interview , Shieh said the Court of Appeal judgment showed that, once anyone crosses the line of violence when exercising their rights, they will not be guaranteed light.

Young Democracy Activist Among Macau Election Winners - U.S. News & World Report
Macau election: Pro-democracy camp maintains 4 of 33 seats, with youngest ever lawmaker elected at 26 Hong Kong Free Press.

Video: Chinese human rights lawyer Xie Yang 'confesses' in exclusive 'interview' [English subtitles] - Hong Kong Free Press
Chinese human rights lawyer Xie Yang has “confessed” to working with foreign media outlets to sensationalise cases. He denied previous claims that he was tortured in an “exclusive interview ” with a Hunan TV station. Xie, who had worked on numerous&nbsp.

Interview: 'We only did 10%' – HKU chief Peter Mathieson on the university's push for gender equality - Hong Kong Free Press
Ever since Mathieson took up HKU's top job in 2014, both supporters and critics can agree that he has made gender equality a top institutional priority. So far HKU has, by its own account, joined an international women's rights movement, amended hiring&nbsp.

Dan Gilbert says Detroit has advantages in Amazon HQ bid
We feel like we have a lot of advantages," Gilbert said in an interview with The Associated Press ... to generate $5 billion in investments, create 50,000 jobs and use 8 million square feet of space over eight or nine years. Gilbert said Detroit's pitch.

US judge rules FBI interview of Macau billionaire Ng Lap Seng is inadmissible at bribery trial - South China Morning Post
Post-arrest statements made to the FBI by Macau billionaire Ng Lap Seng cannot be used by prosecutors at his Manhattan trial on charges stemming from a United Nations bribery scandal, a judge ruled Wednesday. The ruling by US District Judge Vernon S.

HK20 Interview: Hong Kong independence group founder says CY Leung put them on the map - Hong Kong Free Press
Some would say that Tony Chung Hon-lam, a 16-year-old activist whose avowed goal is independence for Hong Kong, was the inspiration for pro-independence groups in schools. But he thinks this honour should be bestowed on former chief executive&nbsp.

Campaign to sack me from HKU akin to China's Cultural Revolution, says Occupy leader Benny Tai - Hong Kong Free Press
Pro-democracy law scholar Benny Tai has compared a pro-Beijing lawmaker's campaign against him to the Cultural Revolution in China. Junius Ho has urged the University of Hong Kong, where Tai is teaching at, to sack him for being the co-founder of the&nbsp.

At college with learning disabilities: Students with special needs struggle for institutional support - Hong Kong Free Press
Kerry So Tsz-ching, a Year Two student studying in the Associate of Social Sciences (Behavioural Science) programme at HKU Space Community College, has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and often finds it hard to remain focused for long&nbsp.

13 of the hardest questions you may have to answer in a job interview at Tesla
Here are some interview ... and the space they're in. It helps weed out the people who are only interested in the company because of the name." During Business Insider's Ignition conference, Musk shared with the audience that having job applicants explain.