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Just How Bad Is Dallas' Rush Hour Traffic, Really? - D Magazine
That's not necessarily bad — it can mean people gain more access to jobs and other opportunities they wouldn't otherwise be able to reach. So what is behind nightmarish traffic? According to Cortright, it's about zoning and segregation. The model of.

3 September Store Openings to Know About in Dallas - D Magazine
Founded by husband and wife Matt and Emily Baldwin in 2009, the Kansas City-based boutique has recently begun expanding to Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas after receiving distinctions in both Vogue and GQ magazine . The boutique specializes in&nbsp.

The Irving Music Factory Is Inevitable - D Magazine
30), Wilco (Oct. 3), or the Roots (Oct. 17) anywhere else. Live Nation could postpone the opening another week, sell the Pavilion's naming rights to Blackwater, institute a new $10 service fee, and tell ticket-holders to go jump in a lake, and we' d.

Welcoming Our New Robot Overlords - The New Yorker
“If you were a high-school kid growing up in Grand Rapids in the eighties and you didn't want to go to college, and you got a job at a Steelcase factory, you were set,” Rob Kirkbride, who covered Steelcase for almost two decades at the Grand Rapids.

The List: Five Star Wars Games We’d Like to See
I’d love to see a more tactically paced Star Wars shooter with a compelling story and interesting characters. It would also be a great opportunity to tell another story from the Imperial POV. The opportunities ... an incredible job), so I don’t care.

This Man Wants to Help You Die Better - D Magazine
watching a palliative care team meeting means seeing a collection of people who have, for all their own reasons, chosen careers that force them to deal with death on a near daily basis. Most have backgrounds in liberal arts or humanities, like Fine.

24-Hour Wow! Donuts & Drips Coming to Plano - D Magazine
Within the last few months, Dallas and its surrounding cities and suburbs (particularly those northern suburbs) have welcomed a number of hotly anticipated, high profile openings , including Hurts Donut in Frisco, Rise Biscuits & Donuts in Allen, Sweet.

41 Job Openings in Bethesda Area
BETHESDA, MD — Businesses across the region are looking for new employees and Patch and Zip Recruiter have listed tons of openings on our searchable jobs board ... field experience is ... Bethesda Magazine is looking for an experienced, talented and.

'If I had my time again...' - The Australian
a new audience and find out who is watching their work. It also offers libraries the opportunity to gather anonymous data about what students are watching so that they can better tailor the platform. ... I wish I' d had those resources to lean on.

Study Digs into Sexual Harassment During Fieldwork - The Scientist
ISTOCK, MARQUESPHOTOGRAPHYThe disgrace of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein after reports of allegations that he sexually harassed and assaulted women throughout his career has prompted social-media choruses of #metoo by women who have experienced similar.

Meet the Texas Rangers' General Counsel - D Magazine
And while she is quick to acknowledge the tougher aspects of helping the Rangers navigate their legal challenges—analogizing that at times her job is like “drinking from a firehose”—Pothier clearly relishes the opportunity . The best part of being GC.

The Bachelorette's Adam Gottschalk Knows You're Confused About Who He Is - D Magazine
In September of last year, I got a call from one of the casting producers saying they' d gotten my application and couldn't stop laughing and that they needed to meet me. I was out in Los Angeles for a friend's wedding in November, so I reached out to.